Welcome to The American Grand Cru Society®. 

Our Society exists with a singular purpose, to provide consumer wine education based on sustainable farm to table interest and best practice. 

What do we mean by that? 

We mean that great wine education requires a strong foundation.  By focusing our wine educational approach on specific places of origin, unique varietal characteristics and qualities that come from those places - offers the most meaningful, lasting, and credible wine education foundation one could provide to consumers.  That foundation can not be built by following wine scores, or otherwise by being introduced through clever wine marketing.  

For our mission, this started with identifying and recognizing specific place of origin for our great American Grand Cru® vineyards and vineyard specific wines produced thereof.

America's great vineyards and the wines produced from them, express honest and unique characteristcs from that specific place of origin. We hope to help you discover and learn how to best enjoy them!



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